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•   Mike Frett  11/29
•   Mary Ann Sandner (Cadieux)  11/29
•   Gwen Jenkins (Brichetto)  12/8
•   Brenna McDonough (Wolfe)  12/9
•   Holly Rasmussen (Lohmeier)  12/12
•   Steve Wicklas  12/12
•   Rita Scanlon (Callahan)  12/19
•   Scott Wright  12/19
•   Janet Dame (Harders)  12/20
•   Susan Sigmier (O'Quinn)  12/21


•   LaDonna Springer (Talenda)  11/23
•   Brenna McDonough (Wolfe)  11/20
•   Harry Maier  10/31
•   Al Purvey  10/30
•   Michael Bishop  10/24
•   Mary Ann Rutherford (Hidding)  9/28
•   Jim Hunt  9/26
•   Brian Ollmert  9/10
•   Mike VanRensselaer  9/9
•   Bob Keith  9/3
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 53.4%

A:   150   Joined
B:   131   Not Joined


•   Linda A. Mueller  2020
•   Jill Lembkey (Hamlin)  1984
•   Mike Zank  1991
•   Tom Neuman  1998
•   Cyndie Hogreve (Rexford)  2019
•   Randy Victorine  2019
•   Lloyd Mueller  2020
•   Joseph Scotillo  2020
•   Don Wilhelmi  2019
•   John Leslie Husmann  2019
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Crystal Lake Community High School
Class Of 1968

Do you remember wandering Bourbon Street at the post prom at Pheasant Run in St. Charles ?

Hanging on one of those olde street lamp ?  Wish you had one ?


Well you may be in luck..   Pheasant Run closed this past year &  just recently failed to go at auction.

So the Liquidators have decided tp put everything up for auction on the internet.

If you want one of those old street lamps or maybe 100 coffee makers, now is your chance to buy CHEAP.


This is a   Thought You Might Like to Know !


Stay safe,  Wash your hands and wear a mask. Smile !







A Message from Mr. Muchmore:

Greetings and Congratulations to the class of 1968 - fifty years is quite a run!!

Not so long ago, I walked down to the end of our block to greet a pair of new neighbors.

My wife and I live in a Community for “Active Adults over 55” so it took me a while to reach the end of that block, but when I got there, my new Edgewater neighbor was standing patiently. I introduced myself and greeted him. We talked briefly, and when I asked where he had lived before coming to Edgewater, he said, “Crystal Lake”. I said, “So did I.”

He paused briefly; took another look at me and then he said, “Mr. Muchmore - the incredible English teacher!”( I liked his stress on “the” and I just made up the “incredible”. )

“I’m Rick Frank - you were my teacher!” Fifty years flashed before my eyes. I went from thinking of myself as an “Active adult over 55” to feeling like an old, old man - I can only imagine how he must have felt to discover what the sales people really meant when they told him that his new home was in a senior community.

Since that day I have had many fun conversations with Rick and Mary Lynn, and names from the past often come up during those conversations.

When a recent Tribune column mentioned Greg Brown, I decided to take a trip down memory lane. More precisely, I sent Greg a note. I don’t know that he really remembered me, but he graciously replied. He may not have remembered me, but I have a firm memory of him just as I have of so many of you!

Greg’s response and Mary Lynn’s encouragement led me to your class website where I counted 81 names that prompted a memory. More often than not I could remember a face that went with the memory. Those memories are great ones.

When I discovered that you were going to be celebrating your 50th reunion, I asked Rick if he and Mary Lynn would be willing to share a note from me at your reunion. I appreciate their willingness to so.

I won’t begin listing names because I know that I would leave out too many. Let me say simply, “You were a terrific (and are) a terrific group!”

I hope that at least a few of you will remember me and the classes we shared. I thank you for the wonderful memories that I have.

My best wishes! I lift a toast to all of you!

John Muchmore

(In the “old days” teachers had a choice of first names: One could be Mr., Ms., Mrs. or Coach - Now I’m just “John”.)

PS - I do have a Facebook page - “John Muchmore”. Let me know what you’re up to now.

Hi everyone,
I found an old copy of the Class of '68 Prophecies and scanned it in. It's good for a laugh:

Click Here For PDF.

Steve Bailey

We took a trip to the midwest to see family and though I didn't make it to Crystal Lake we did make it to Harbert Beach MI and Evanston. On the way home we stopped in Lexington KY and Cindy Wodeski Leonard and her husband Carl met us one evening at a restaurant/bar where my brother Terry was playing. Big Fun.

I have a web album with some photos of the reunion. I will try to post the link here and also try to get them uploaded to our site. I have added permission for others to download the photos for printing or you can add your own photos to the album.

Yours in good health,


Here is the Link: Click Here

From Mike Frett

I have some of Fred Johnson's works of art available entrusted to me from his surviving family. If any classmates are interested in them.

Please call me at (815)509-3604.

The pieces include chalks,photos and oils. They are being stored at The Framery 8404 Railroad St. in Ridgefield,, Jim Roden's store. All proceeds go to Fred's children.
Thanks, Mike Frett

I wanted to thank Pam Hart for all her hard work in putting this together. It is a great time to reflect on all the good times around high school and Crystal Lake.

Thanks to Pam and all those that have helped her

Scott Walter