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10/07/12 10:40 AM #1    

Pam Hart (Nordstrom)

Welcome to the Crystal Lake Community High School Class Of 1968 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/27/13 08:12 PM #2    

Mary Ann Rutherford (Hidding)

 Fans and Friends of Fred Johnson

Mike Frett has some of Fred Johnson's works of art available entrusted to Mike from his surviving family. If any classmates are interested in them
please call Mike at (815)509-3604. The pieces include chalks,photos and oils. They are being stored at The Framery 8404 Railroad St. in Ridgefield, Jim Roden's store. All proceeds go to Fred's children.
Thanks, Mike Frett

05/28/13 11:00 AM #3    

Ron Wegner

Fred's work's being available is something that I have wondered about many times, since the 1st sketch drawn for at the 10 yr.(?) reunion. I had the fortune of running into Fred at a blues bar in Denver sometime in the mid 70's(????) That decade is one long year to me! :-) Anyway, I think maybe R. Embach was with him? At the reunion his death was announced, I was shocked. He was a really good drummer, too. AND, I believe self taught... Great sense of humor, too!!

05/28/13 12:09 PM #4    

Darlene Browne (Gile)

Fred was one of my best friends. He was a thoughtful and creative person. He was the godfather to my son, Tom. He and Mike Frett were ushers at my wedding in 1970. Fred had just gotten back from on trip to Colorado in the Refrigerator (white Jeep). I think of him from time to time. He will always be one of my favorite people.

05/29/13 03:23 PM #5    

Pete Quinby

Any chance that Fred's works can be on display for sale at the BarnDance? Let's buy it out !

05/29/13 08:52 PM #6    

Mary Ann Rutherford (Hidding)

Anyone who wants to see Fred's work can go to Jim Roden's Framery in Ridgefield. Many of Fred's works are large, so settting up a gallery would be difficult to do. Maybe Jim Roden and Mike Frett would like to have a gallery showing on Saturday before the dance. Jim's shop is in Ridgefield between CL and Woodstock, so it would be an easy stop. Think about it.

07/09/13 01:21 PM #7    

Ron Wegner

I'd love a gallery of Fred's works to be displayed.  I'm going to be up on Thursday and will be out Ridgefield way, so one way or another, I'm going to make an attempt to see his stuff...  I hope classmates respond to the availability of these, while in town that weekend!!

08/10/13 09:24 AM #8    

Mary Ann Rutherford (Hidding)

Many classmates have visited Fred Johnson's art work at Roden's. Some paintings are still available at very reasonable prices. Contact Mike Frett about purchasing one or more.

08/23/16 01:23 PM #9    

Bob Desbles

I'm late to the party. I haven't had the pleasure to see Fred's paintings but I want to bring to every ones

attention we had another artist in our class, Ken Grzesik, you might remember him as the kid Mr Wiliams paid

to get a haircut every 3 months. Any way I lost touch with Ken when he was in Hawaii posting his art. He use to

live in the pacific northwest as well. Any way thought I'd post it. As far as Fred goes he was kind enough to

invite me to his 11th birthday party when we transferred schools and I was the new kid.


12/24/16 10:51 AM #10    

Steve Eike

Speaking of Artists, Carol Kahle (Isaacson) did excellent work.

01/27/17 09:13 AM #11    

Bob Desbles

Remembering Wally Schweikle.

Wally got a bad break when his brother Eddy was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Wally had to drop out of college as his parents needed to devote all their funds to his brothers illness. That left Wally exposed to the

draft and unfortunately he did not do well in the military. I grew up with Wally in Lake in the Hills. Most of you know where that is. Spent loads of time on the basebal fields, the drive ways playing hoops , the long bus ride. Speaking for all my LITH friends we are sorry to lose another friend.

01/28/17 01:11 PM #12    

Pam Hart (Nordstrom)


Sorry to read your comments about Wally and what happened to him over the years.  Thanks for posting your memories about him.

Pam Hart Nordstrom

09/14/18 01:46 PM #13    

Bob Desbles

Looking forward to the 50th reunion pictures.

Sorry I couldn't make it as my wife has been dealing with some health issues.

To Mary Ann, thanks for keeping me and all updated...


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